How Lacoste successfully builds their Web3 community

Piet Kleeßen

Lacoste made an innovative move by bringing its iconic crocodile brand to the decentralized world last year with its NFT project #UNDW3. This project created a new way for fans to interact and participate in a global community. This project was successful in creating a sense of belonging and excitement among Lacoste fans worldwide.

The project allowed fans to feel more connected to the brand, and the NFTs served as a badge of honor for those who participated. This new way of interacting with the brand has the potential to open up new revenue streams for Lacoste and other brands that follow in their footsteps. It also shows how innovative ideas can take a brand to new heights and deepen the connection with its fans.

Following, the highlights of their community strategy:

Community engagement 🤝

Besides interacting with their customers on social channels like Twitter, they’ve built a well-structured and engaged Discord community with over 50,000 members.

Holder only perks 🤩

In December, Emperia and Lacoste created a VR shopping experience: After entering through the mouth of a crocodile, customers found themselves in a showroom with five seasonal products available. One room was exclusively for NFT holders. This especially attracted a tech oriented audience who are eager to get their hands on these exclusive items.

Co-Creation 🌈

Participation is key! Lacoste includes its community by doing challenges, AMA’s and even by asking members actively for suggestions and opinions. They go even further! By opening their UNDERWATER factory, Lacoste is creating clothes together with their NFT holders, including a new logo and design! 👕

Lacoste is a great example of how brands should enter the world of web3!

By offering exclusive perks, encouraging co-creation, and actively engaging with their audience, they have created a very unique and exciting brand experience!

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